TV presenter, producer and researcher; Welsh tutor, Welsh in a week (S4C)

Nia-Parry.2-e1459930366879“As an educator, a linguist and a Welsh speaker I’m excited and passionate about the National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh. I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for the project and I look forward to working with the talented team of experts committed to realising this research. Their findings will shape the future of Welsh language teaching and learning, it will provide us with real insight into how our language is evolving and how we use it. It is a window into our beautiful, rich, exquisite, poetic, ancient language, giving us a real depth of understanding and insight into our future. We will learn about how we use sentence structures and patterns, mutations, slang, text talk and e-mail, how we abbreviate, what we say and how we say it. For future generations this will prove to be an invaluable resource and in my opinion this work is of real historic importance, not only linguistically but as a record of our essence as a nation and our place in the world.”